Resident Photos 2010 -2011


From left to right, top to bottom: 2011 resident group photo, Albert Lee, Daniel Klinger, William “Chip” Scott, Adam Griffith, Brad McGowan, Bryan Wohlfeld, Michael Gomez, Charles Hatchette, Jeremy Lewis, Ratul Raychaudhuri, Bruno Flores, Brett Whittemore, Ben Boudreaux, James Botros, John Cain.


PGY 7 Bryan Wohlfeld, Brad McGowan


PGY 6 Albert Lee


PGY 5 Jeremy Lewis, Ratul Raychaudhuri, Michael Gomez


PGY 4 William “Chip” Scott, Charles Hatchette


PGY 3 Daniel Klinger, Adam Griffith


PGY 2 Brett Whittemore, Ben Boudreaux, Bruno Flores


PGY 1 James Botros, John Cain

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Last Updated Feb 2013