On-Call Coverage

At PHHS, on-call coverage is provided by a neurosurgery chief resident, two neurosurgery junior residents and two general surgery PGY-1 residents.  At the junior level, the neurosurgery residents share coverage with the two general surgery residents rotating on the service at any one time, resulting in the neurosurgical resident rotating on a every third to fourth night.  The chief resident is off every other weekend.  Each PGY-2 and PGY-1 resident is off two weekends/month.

At ZLUH the chief resident, two senior residents and a junior resident, provide the coverage. Since this institution does not have an emergency room, no in-house coverage is required.  The residents cover evenings alternatively on a weekly basis.  Again, the chief resident is off every other weekend with the PGY-2 neurosurgery resident off two weekends/month.  Senior residents are also off every other weekend.

The VA resident takes home call during the week and has every other weekend off.  The resident at CMC, provides coverage  every third week alternating with the two pediatric fellows.   The resident is off-call two out of three weekends. 

The call schedule and coverage is designed to be in compliance with ACGME guidelines for an 80-hour work-week. 

updated 10/26/15